Gavin Tucker on the Guadalupe

The Band

Gavin Tucker and the .45 District is most commonly classified as a folk rock group. Though they have several songs in their catalog venturing close to rock, pop, and country, their roots are most closely grounded around Gavin’s influences in the folk music genres.

Gavin writes real music for real people. Heavily lyric driven in its clearly depicted story structure, their music is meaningful, relatable, emotional, and raw.

They released their first single “Mistake” in December 2018 recorded and produced at Drapp Studios in Tulsa, OK. It told the story of a relationship lost in the wake of an irreconcilable mistake and how no words or actions could salvage and re-piece together what had been shattered.

“Farm Road 306 To Gruene” was their next single in May 2019 again recorded at Drapp Studios but produced by 3116 Music in San Antonio, TX. Based around Gavin’s hometown of New Braunfels, TX, it followed a story around returning home after many years away.

In March 2020 the band released their first EP “Time”. It was fully produced and mostly recorded by 3116 Music with exception to “Farm Road 306 To Gruene” and “Old New Braunfels” which were recorded at Drapp Studios. This album included their previously released single “Farm Road 306 To Gruene” along with four new tracks. “Dancing With The Devil” from the EP drew a lot of attention due the ease of many being able to relate to its story based around the struggle of dealing with addiction. Though many are still drawn to the love story of “Sunday Rain” and the hometown story of “Old New Braunfels”.

Gavin Tucker and the .45 District formed in 2018 when Gavin’s wife, Angela, made a local social media post requesting fellow musicians to collaborate. Though several responded, most were not looking for what seemed to be such an unorthodox venture at the time, but this is what intrigued Dennis McAtee (Bassist) and drew him in. “I’d never heard or played anything quite like it”, he stated while thinking back. Drummers and lead guitarists came and went over the first year until it was decided in late 2019 that Gavin’s right foot and a harmonica were an easier and more interesting solution for the time being.
Gavin Tucker on the Guadalupe

Gavin Tucker (Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Harmonica)

Gavin Tucker is a songwriter not afraid to clearly depict his personal life and experiences in words, music, and emotion providing his listeners with meaningful songs that they are able to easily relate to and connect with.

The hill country of New Braunfels outside of Austin and the heart of the Texas music scene is where Gavin Tucker was raised. Brought up listening to and admiring the “bad boys” of country, Hank Williams Sr, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylon Jennings laid the roots and groundwork for him as an artist. As a young boy he began writing short stories and poetry learning to capture experiences, emotions, and imagination in words. His influential teenage years timely landing during the boom of the “Grunge” era, he was completely fascinated and obsessed with its raw and unpolished sound and the energy and emotion it captivated. These pivotal moments in Gavin’s life shapes the music he creates today.

Currently residing in Bixby OK, a suburb of Tulsa, with his wife Angela and two children Logan (daughter age 9) and Ty (son age 5); is where Gavin has slowly built his new studio. Gavin Tucker’s music is a family affair. He is commonly accompanied by his family on regional tours and even at most local performances where his son has a flare of making the family’s presence noticed.
Dennis at Drapp Studios

Dennis McAtee (Bass, Backing Vocals)

A native of Greenbush Kansas, population “sometimes”, he picked up his first guitar at a very early age. He has spent the last quarter of the 20th century playing guitar, bass, and mandolin in country, rock, blues, oldies, and polka cover bands throughout Eastern Kansas, Western Missouri, and Northeast Oklahoma.

After graduating from Pittsburg State University, he embarked on a broadcasting career that took him through a half-dozen ill-fated and long-forgotten radio stations, before he settled in at KKOW in Pittsburg, Kansas as a country music DJ and production director for 12 years where he married and they began to raise their six children. In 1999, they decided to uproot the family and move to Tulsa where he hosted a weekend bluegrass show on KVOO for five years, and held the title of Director of Creative Services for many more producing and engineering various radio programs to include “Billy Parker's Country Junction” weekend show. “He could tell stories by the hour about Ernest Tubb and his time touring with the Texas Troubadours”, Dennis said reflecting on the memory of Billy Parker, a Hall of Fame country radio disk jockey, singer, and songwriter.”

In more recent years, as their six children have grown, he has been freelancing as a digital audio editor, copywriter, audiobook narrator, and cover band musician all while playing bass in country, blues, classic rock, and red dirt bands in and around the Tulsa area. In August 2018 he was approached to join Gavin Tucker and Don Curtis to form The .45 District and began to fill the bottom end of the sound spectrum adding more motion and emotion to their already highly emotional brand of country music.