Gavin Tucker on the Guadalupe

Gavin Tucker (Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar)

The hill country of New Braunfels outside of Austin and the heart of the Texas music scene is where Gavin Tucker was raised. Brought up listening to and admiring the “bad boys” of country, Hank Williams Sr, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylon Jennings laid the roots and groundwork for him as an artist. As a young boy he began writing short stories and poetry learning to capture experiences, emotions, and imagination in words. His influential teenage years timely landing during the boom of the “Grunge” era, he was completely fascinated and obsessed with its raw and unpolished sound and the energy and emotion it captivated. These pivotal moments in Gavin’s life shapes the music he creates today.

At 15 Gavin announced to his family he wanted to be a songwriter. It was not taken with much enthusiasm and even less nurture. He continued to teach himself how to play the guitar, with an old six string of his father’s that he strung upside down and some old books from the 70’s he had found at the bottom of an old chest, for another year before his parents decided to invest into an instrument that was at least oriented correctly. Nestled next to an old “boombox” from the 80’s in his bedroom floor he spent hours trying to figure out how to recreate the melodies and saturated sounds coming from the speakers with what lay in his hands and his voice. When Gavin was 17 his father told him a story he had heard of a professional singer being told that his voice was too high and that had gone into the woods to scream until he had lost his voice. When the vocal cords had healed he was blessed with a new deeper sound. Being a 17 year old and sounding like most other 17 year olds, Gavin decided that if he wanted to stand out something needed to change so he walked deep into the woods behind his home and proceeded to replicate the story. After weeks of throat spray and lozenges, his vocal chords slowly healed. It was not the magical transformation from the story. Though it did deepen his voice significantly, it also added a very pronounced rasp that that was nearly impossible to control or so he thought at the time. After a decade of writing and performing music in genres more accepting of his new voice and countless life experiences (from being homeless to joining the military to living in several foreign countries) Gavin decided at 30 it was time to stop, reflect and rediscover.

During this time of rediscovery he decided it was time to get back to his roots. Back to who he truly is and what he truly enjoys despite what is considered commercially acceptable. Over the next 10 years he slowly learned to control the unrelenting rasp in his voice and develop a musical sound around it. Sticking close to his Texas roots and his songwriting heroes of country whilst also incorporating the raw emotion and unpolished vigor of the 90’s rock era that captivated him as a teenager, his creation has inadvertently placed him out in the fringes of what is accepted as country music today and into that limboid place in the music industry his own heroes found themselves so many decades before. The realm they termed nearly a half century ago as “Outlaw Country”.
Dennis at Drapp Studios

Dennis McAtee (Bass, Backing Vocals)

A native of Greenbush Kansas, population “sometimes”, he picked up his first guitar at a very early age. He has spent the last quarter of the 20th century playing guitar, bass, and mandolin in country, rock, blues, oldies, and polka cover bands throughout Eastern Kansas, Western Missouri, and Northeast Oklahoma.

After graduating from Pittsburg State University, he embarked on a broadcasting career that took him through a half-dozen ill-fated and long-forgotten radio stations, before he settled in at KKOW in Pittsburg, Kansas as a country music DJ and production director for 12 years where he married and they began to raise their six children. In 1999, they decided to uproot the family and move to Tulsa where he hosted a weekend bluegrass show on KVOO for five years, and held the title of Director of Creative Services for many more producing and engineering various radio programs to include “Billy Parker's Country Junction” weekend show. “He could tell stories by the hour about Ernest Tubb and his time touring with the Texas Troubadours”, Dennis said reflecting on the memory of Billy Parker, a Hall of Fame country radio disk jockey, singer, and songwriter.”

In more recent years, as their six children have grown, he has been freelancing as a digital audio editor, copywriter, audiobook narrator, and cover band musician all while playing bass in country, blues, classic rock, and red dirt bands in and around the Tulsa area. In August 2018 he was approached to join Gavin Tucker and Don Curtis to form The .45 District and began to fill the bottom end of the sound spectrum adding more motion and emotion to their already highly emotional brand of country music.
Don in his home in Jenks OK

Don Curtis (Drums)

Don joined the Drum & Bugle Corp in his native town in upstate NY at age nine. He found is true calling playing the cymbals, bass drum, rudimental bass drum, and 1ST soprano horn climaxing into his role as drum major in his final year.

Vietnam was in full swing when he was turning nineteen and decided he had rather enlist himself into the Army under his own accord rather than roll the dice through the draft. It wasn’t long before he discovered that the Army recreation centers had musical equipment & private rooms that he was able to utilize to continue his passion. He signed out drum sets & jammed with folks during his enlistment refusing to let the instability of the time kill his dream.

Returning home from the Army, he desperately searched for his place in the music industry to showcase his talent. He played drums with country, country rock, rock, and funk bands for years which eventually led to his move to northern California and his joining of a band named “Glide”.

After joining “Glide” in 1982, He performed at countless venues across the United States and their debut self-titled EP was released in 1985. A few short days after cutting the record they were approached with a contract from this new and upcoming TV station called “MTV”. However, the excitement was short lived when he found himself and the vocalist the only two left in the band before the contract could be finalized. He carried on despite the disappointment for a couple more years with other bands until in 1987 when he reluctantly made the decision to step back from music and focus on a career in sales to support his new family.

A motorcycle accident in 2008 and cancer in 2013 which resulted in 17 surgeries, to include a full right ankle replacement, he describes as both the worst time of his life and the most enlightening. It was at this point he was able to see life as it truly is and what he wants to do while he has it. Drum! His drive and passion to return behind a drum kit led to a better than expected recovery from his injuries and in 2017 led to his ability and confidence to be restored a level in which to spur his decision to return to the music industry.

In May 2018 he stumbled across a lonely singer/songwriter named Gavin Tucker in a neighborhood phone app post. Though disregarded by most due to his unique sound and style, Don saw a market niche ready to explode and took the plunge joining with Gavin to form the band “Gavin Tucker And The .45 District”.